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Family Planning

Most STD clinics focus solely on STD treatment and prevention; however, clients are also at high risk for unintended pregnancy. Since 2001, the Denver Metro Health Clinic has offered reproductive health care services for women and men, including pregnancy testing, preconception counseling and initial contraceptive services. Most services are free of charge. Family planning services are integrated into the STD clinic visit, with most clinicians trained to provide all aspects of care to their clients. Contraceptive options include Plan B (emergency contraception) and several choices of birth control methods. All women are eligible for short-term birth control with referral to primary care for ongoing services. We also offer referrals for vasectomies and tubal ligations.

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How to schedule your visit*:

To schedule an appointment for Family Planning services you can call 303-602-3540 and select option #4 to speak with a clinic representative. Please inform representative you would like to schedule a birth control appointment. 

Patients also have the option to walk-in to schedule a same-day appointment. Please arrive at the clinic at or before 7:45am . Note that when scheduling a same-day appointment, it may be for later in the day. Same-day appointments are first-come first-served and are not guaranteed. 

* As part of our quality improvement efforts, this appointment scheduling system is subject to change. Please check back before you call or visit to confirm the latest scheduling procedures.

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